Thursday, August 21, 2014

Good News w' add-on

Joel has been located and is OK!

"Thank you everyone for reposting Heather's notice and for all your wonderful moral support.
Chris Rudecoff & Russ Kahn "

Special FB request.

It's 65 degrees and overcast at 6:30 a.m.
Today is Garbage day.


(I rarely "lift" posts from Facebook without the writer's permission, but in this case I'm going to. The following was posted yesterday by H. Faye "Heather" Kahn. I know that some blog readers live in or near New York City / Brooklyn .....  please spread the word!)

"HELLO This is a photo of my brother JOEL KAHN who has been MISSING since this morning. He was last seen wearing a long-sleeved pink shirt & jeans on Kings Highway & McDonald Ave at 6:30AM (on 08/20) in Gravesend, Brooklyn, NY where his cell phone was found. If you are in the tristate area &/or have seen this person please contact Detective McGurk at 718-946-3352. Otherwise please be on the lookout! Thank you for your help!"


The TWCNY Weather Forecast:
"Unsettled Today & Friday, Warm and Humid

Unsettled weather will stick around for today and Friday with the ongoing threat for scattered showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures each of these days will top out in the mid to upper 70s. 
A few lingering showers are possible on Saturday with drier weather building in by Sunday as high pressure tries to reestablish itself out of Eastern Canada. Highs will sneak back up to around or just above 80 with slightly less humidity. "


Alan C. Crumb
1934 - 214



"Oriskany Falls Woman Charged with Burglary."
From the Utica Observer-Dispatch.

"Second Arrest in Sangerfield Burglary"
- also from the O-D.


Front Page Headlines from

"WCS Reduces Tuition Rates"
"Residents Get Fracking Vote "
"Pride In Their Work"
"At The Finish"
"Madison Meeting Scheduled"
"Raccoon With Rabies In Augusta"
"Manager At White’s"

To read more, please click HERE.


Here & There

After much scraping and repair work, painting has begun on the former "Home for Homeless Ladies" on Putnam Street.

The house was built for George Putnam and was one of the first that was built after the street was opened in the mid-1860s. It is believed that Mr. and Mrs. Putnam occupied the house for several years, selling the house in the late 1880s to Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Tower.  Mrs. Tower and her son, George, lived there until the early 1920s. George lived on until the early 1930s. He left the house and some money for the Home for Homeless Ladies which opened in 1934. (From "A Walking Tour of Putnam Street - 1971.)


Putnam Street is one of several streets in the Village that have two major pipelines capable of providing residents with municipal water - one line runs under the sidewalk and the other, currently in use, is beneath the street. Because Putnam Street will be milled and re-paved this Autumn, the Village DPW has been switching the water supply from that line to the one beneath the sidewalk so that, should there be a need to do any digging/repairing in the future, the new pavement would not need to be dug up. 

The DPW is also installing a new hydrant  next to the White Street entrance to the Waterville Public Library.


My thanks to Mary Fanning for telling me about the new sign at Dan Maine's shop on Madison Street. It's a beauty!

A sight to see: hundreds of Hop Vines in the six-acre Hop Yard at the Mosher Farm south of Route 20 on Route 26.

A flowering "Rose of Sharon" hedge at the Marris residence on Grant Hill.



At the Library


"American Girl Movie" at 6:00 p.m.



Farmers Market 3:00 - 7:00



NOON - 3:00 P.M.
Families can celebrate the end of summer (and all the reading they did) with our annual carnival! We’ll have carnival games, face painting, food, bounce house/slide and more! Fun for the whole family.



8:30 - 1:30



August 23, 2007

By late morning.

That evening.

Since then, the space once occupied by Putnam Hall has been a "vacant lot." Now, however, Mr. Dave Sullivan proposes to construct two or three apartment buildings on the property.

Architect's drawing of the first of the proposed units.

One of the first steps will be for the Village Board to change the zoning of the property from its current status - "Industrial" - to "Planned Development."

will be held at the Waterville Municipal Hall
at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 3
before the regularly-scheduled Village Board Meeting
(delayed from Monday due to the Labor Day Holiday.)

A ground plan of the entire proposed project can be seen at Municipal Hall.


August 8, 1933, courtesy of Louie C. Langone

Bill Fuess, Waterville farmer, holding shotgun which he used to protect milk he delivered to milk plant.

"1933 Milk Strike - from The Waterville Times.

 On Tuesday, August 8, 1933, Capt. Steven McGrath lead 50 or more state troopers in the most unnecessary violence and destruction ever exhibited in Waterville.
 Early that morning a crowd of 200 to 300 spectators gathered on Osborne Avenue despite a warning issued the night before not to congregate.
 The crowd was orderly and those involved in the milk strike did not seem to be in an ugly mood. The troopers arrived at 9:30 AM and immediately assembled in front of the Borden Plant. They marched down Osborne Avenue to the intersection of White Street where Capt. McGrath, who had been injured in a milk strike in Boonville, ordered the crowd to disperse.
Without giving the people time to more than turn around the troopers fell upon them, belaboring them with clubs, smashing windshields and windows of cars parked along the street and in driveways as far as the Freight House on Putnam Street.
Although several people were beaten by the troopers’ clubs, there were no serious injuries.
The troopers left late in the morning after threatening a repetition of the dose the next day if any crowd congregated near the Milk Plant.
A protest meeting was called by the Village Board, School Board and Sangerfield Town board at 2  that afternoon in Municipal Hall. A telegram deploring the acts of violence was sent to Gov. Herbert H. Lehman."

Some readers may not be familiar with the term "Milk Strike." I found the following article which I think helps to explain the activity and its purpose. It's from an Iowa publication, but is still pertinent.

From Iowa Public Television.



In reply to the question I asked last week: 
"WHY does the blog get so many 'hits' from the Ukraine? "

I received this answer, sent anonymously:

 "It's because of all two of us Ukrainians who live in Waterville, dear (that is basically just my mum and I)."

Thank you! 


More when it happens.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Today is Garbage Day.
It's 56 degrees and still dark at 5:35 a.m.

The TWCNY Weather Forecast:

"Breezy & Cool Thursday, Unsettled the Rest of the Week.

A cooler air mass looks to work in for Thursday and Friday with highs only in the 60s/near 70 degrees. Believe it or not, it will actually be cool enough during this time period for lake enhanced rain showers. Temperatures will then warm back into the 70s over the weekend. "


(I know it's a day early, but........!)



From the Front Page of

"Blessings in a Backpack Program"
"Village Apartment Plan Scaled Down"
"Young Person Of The Year"
"Fun and Fitness Find A Future"
"Town of Augusta"

To read more, please click HERE.


from the Utica Observer-Dispatch.

from the Observer-Dispatch.


Riding Through Bouckville on Wednesday.

There had been several rainstorms on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, but by mid-afternoon, yesterday, there were a few patches of blue sky and the sun was even starting to peek through the clouds.

Most of the vendors had rolled up the sides of their tents and, really, I didn't see any huge muddy spots.

Some of the displays look familiar.

The preceding shots were all taken right along the highway .....

I could only catch a quick glimpse of the "big field."

I didn't see many people carrying bundles of "treasures" ......

...............  but there were more food vendors than I'd seen in past years, and the aromas drifting from one side of the road to the other were capturing hungry shoppers, left and right.


On the Back Roads

Clumps of bright yellow, aromatic and easily dried -  Tansy.
(More about TANSY from Mrs. Grieve's "Modern Herbal.")

Teasel - very prickly, but once raised in small crops because the dried heads were used to "full" - or raise the knap on  -  woven fabric, espcially wool.  In the early 1800s there was a Fulling Mill in or near Forge Hollow.

Wild Clematis or "Virgin's Bower" hangs like veils on shrubbery...

.... and "Wild Cucumber" is draped in hedgerows and on old stumps and barns. 

Are the "cucumbers" edible? I don't think so!



At the Library


Family Craft: Superhero Jetpacks

Thursday from 5pm – 7pm

Ages 4 & up (with their parents or guardian) | Sign Up
This summer you can come to the library for family fun activities!
It's a great way to spend some quality time together. Stop in anytime between 5-7pm to participate. 



"Once Upon a Time in Waterville"
The Old-timers' Story Swap -  1:15 p.m.

(The next - and last - meeting will be on Friday, August 29.)


Farmers Market from 3:00 - 7:00


Kids: "Mad Scientists: Food Eruptions"

Friday at 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Ages 5 & up | Sign Up
Create crazy, cool, bubbly eruptions with Kool-Aid, Mentos, and other everyday foods.



Summer Carnival!
Saturday, August 23rd | 12-3pm

Families can celebrate the end of summer (and all the reading they did) with our annual carnival! We’ll have carnival games, face painting, food, bounce house/slide and more! Fun for the whole family.


We are looking for teen and adult volunteers for our Summer Carnival on August 23rd from 11:30-3:30. If anyone is interested please let us know.


Saturday, August 30, from 8:30 p.m.

All stargazing events are free, are open to all ages, begin at dusk and are weather permitting. You do not need to be a library patron to attend these events.


Things to know about

For Interactive Calendar, please click HERE.

The DigitalSports Schedule is also starting to fill up.

To check your games, please click HERE.




Everything you need to know: click HERE.



On Monday, I asked readers if they had any ideas that would explain the blog's relative popularity in countries like the Ukraine and Moldova.

Gil Condon and Hank Gardner both replied:

"Hi Blogger  ....These foreign country folks love your blog 'as a dream '....Like kids reading a catalog , those countries mentioned are probably still way behind and using a lot of horses and manual farm labor .. yet magic RF signal blogs from Waterville , NY arrive......
This present blog presentation Aug,11,14 , is a good example ....You make a big difference, internationally.    Respectfully  
gil condon"


"It might be the serene pictures you have. In a world torn by war perhaps they can feel some comfort from viewing them.  Just a thought. 
Hank Gardner "
Thank you both, very much!






Have a grand weekend, everyone!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mon. morning add-ons




Please click on image to enlarge.


From the Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society



Can anyone enlighten me:

WHY does the blog get so many "hits" from the Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Romania, etc.?

It's 57 degrees and sunny at 6:30 a.m.
Today is Garbage Day.

The TWCNY Weather Forecast:

"Very Warm and Quiet, Rain Returns.
We'll see sun mix with clouds today and it will be very warm with highs in the middle/upper 80s!
Wet weather will be more likely on Tuesday as a cold front works in and temperatures should ease up quite a bit as well. After seeing highs right around the mid 70s on Tuesday, temperatures will only manage to top out in the upper 60s and low 70s the rest of the week.
Unsettled conditions are expected to accompany this cooler air mass with a couple of showers staying in the forecast."

In case you didn't have a good view of the "Super Moon,"
this photo was posted on Facebook last night ......

................ and Jean Desany, who used to live in Waterville but is now in Amherst, New Hampshire, wrote:

"We saw the Super Moon tonight, although perhaps a little too late for size. It was already quite high in the sky. Too bright to look at directly for too long, though - like looking straight at a flashlight."


The weather for the past four or five days has been grand. Farmers have been  "making hay while the sun shines,"  and Saturday was perfect for the Waterville Historical Society's Summer Festival.  (My thanks to Doris Stephan for these photographs!)

Boarding the bus.  Tickets for the Loomis Country Tours were completely sold out - in advance.

In the "store."


Meanwhile, in Deansboro at Marshall Day ........

I arrived early and found members of the Fire Department manning the grill pits .....

............... and Anna McMullen and Doug Cornelius were on hand to sell tickets to the chicken BBQ ......

........... while participants in the Ruth Allen Memorial Walk /Run collected their trophies.

(Click to enlarge.)

  There were plenty of things to do: kids played in the "bounce house,"  and grown-ups browsed displays both outdoors and inside the Town Hall where there was a Library Book Sale and the Marshall Historical Society archives were all on display. 

I spent a few hours talking history with Society President Yvonne Brady and Township Historian Dorothy McConnell while signing copies of the souvenir Map of Marshall Township that I'd designed for the Society's Twentieth Anniversary. 

 I know of several people who were away over the weekend and wanted to have copies reserved - if you would like to order any you may write to Society president Yvonne Brady at



From the Observer-Dispatch.


Are you Irish?

(From Lisa Belfield.)

"This year we are having a 1/2 way to St. Patty’s Day Parade the day of the Cruisin.  We are going to have an Irish float and are looking for Grand Marshalls from Waterville to ride on the float.  The criteria is 70 and over and Irish.   

If anyone is interested in participating they can contact Jennifer Neff  at 841-4943 or Sheri Brennan at 841-8372."





Kids' Movie Matinee at 11:00



6:00  p.m. Movie


Teen Craft: at 6:00 p.m.
"Vinyl Record Notebooks"

Ages 10 & up | Sign up at the library
Create your own masterpiece of a notebook by using real vintage records. We guarantee you won't have the same notebook as the person next to you with this one. 



Kids' Movie Matinée at 11:00

Drop In Craft: Sunflowers

All ages can stop by the library anytime today to make a sunflower craft!


Wildflower photos will follow later on.

Have a good day!