Friday, October 24, 2014

Soccer on SUNDAY

It has been confirmed that our
Girls' Varsity Soccer  Game 
will be at OCC 
at 5:00 Sunday, October 26.

Admission: Adult $5.00
Child: $3.00

It's a WIN!


Waterville 3, Little Falls 1
Section III Class C First Round

Waterville (5-5, 11-5-1): Hannah Gray 2-0, Alexis Decker 1-0, Shannon Strohmeyer 0-1, 
Nora Gray 0-1. Stephanie Williams 12 saves.

Little Falls (8-1-1, 10-6-1): Hannah Becker 1-0. Cheyenne Rivenburg 6 saves.

Waterville vs. Bishop Grimes
Time: TBD.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

TBT - Oh No!


October 23, 2006


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thursday a.m. update

(on the 26th.)


Today is Garbage Day!
It's 44 degrees and dry at 5:00 a.m.

The TWCNY morning Weather Forecast:

"Mainly Dry/Chilly and Breezy, Quiet Finish to Week

With the coastal low still sitting to our East, we are influenced with extra clouds at times as well as the risk for spotty showers. For the most part though, many areas remain dry with chilly and breezy conditions. Highs in the low 50s for this afternoon.
Tonight clouds will decrease and dry conditions will set up for the finish of the week with highs in the 50s and faily uneventful conditions. The weekend will feature a new system bringing showers and clouds as well as highs in the 60s. Looking down the road, next week will be warm with some spots in the 70s"



Front Page Headlines from

"Surprise For Cheerleader"
"Leaders Program Considered"
"Brookfield Dog Officer Quits"
"Regional Book Read"
"Playoffs Start"

To read more, please click HERE.


This & That


Autumn treasures from Meagan and Craig Tilbe's garden,
perfectly arranged and photographed as only an artist could!
(Please click to enlarge!)

Thank you, Meagan!


Mystery Solved!

Remember the grid of cement blocks lying on the ground at the Library?

Now we know!  They were the base for this structure - which could be a utility shed or a concession / ticket stand - 

 .... built by Waterville Sheds on Route 12 north ....

........ and set in place ......

............. by Aden on Monday.
(Photos by Jeff Reynolds.)


Also in the mail ....

"The Last Rose(s) of Summer," sent to me by Rusty and Joan Frederick.
(Thank you!)


It's pumpkin time on Sanger Avenue!

The Fan-shaped leaves on the Ginkgo Biloba trees at the Crowe and Zwahlen residences are starting to turn bright yellow ..

.... while needles on Tamaracks (or Larches) turn gold ...

............... and the leaves on Beech trees are gaining a coppery color.

While I was looking for a picture of an aspen leaf, a few days ago, I came across this website with samples of many different leaves.  You might like it, too!



WCS Sports

WCS on Friday - Half Day
"Professional Development."



- Thursday -

"Get Arty" at 6:00 p.m.

Ages 7-12 | Sign Up
Each month we’ll look at a different artist and try their painting style.

October: The Scream by Edvard Munch


Please Note:
True Ghost Stories with Robin Bady
originally schedule for Thursday, October 23rd @ 7pm

"Both we and our presenter Robin are sad to announce that she has the stomach flu. Therefore, *The True Ghost Stories program planned for tomorrow is cancelled.* 
We will keep you posted on any future plans. 
 Stay healthy out there!"


- Friday -

Kids can come in costume for a costume contest, games, face painting, crafts and a magic show @ 7pm!



sponsored by the
Sat. Oct 25 from 9:00am to noon. 

Please place bagged cans and bottles  
where the teams can pick them up. 
For large amounts, pick-up can be  
arranged by calling 877-5684 or 861-7613; 
or bottles and cans may be  dropped off at Nickelback. 
(Please specify they are for Music Boosters). 

We are raising funds for the WCS Music Dept. trip to Disney  in July 2015. All contributions are appreciated!




Town of Sangerfield

The Meeting for the Town of Sangerfield Town Board, 
originally scheduled for November 11, 2014, 
has been changed to November 4th 
due to Veteran’s Day being on the 11th.   
Meetings are held at the Municipal Hall on Rt 12, Sangerfield 
and start at 7:00pm.



Daylight Saving Ends


(Click to enlarge.)




Monday blog post views.

Have a good weekend everybody!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In Memoriam


1933 - 2014


Monday, October 20, 2014


It's Garbage Day.
34.9 degrees and dry at 5:00 a.m.

The TWCNY Weather Forecast:
"Quiet and Seasonable Start to the Week, Becoming Very Unsettled.

We have a cold start on this Monday across the area with spots as chilly as the upper 20s. Most areas remained in the 30s. Despite a cold finish to the weekend, we have a seasonable day with highs back in the 50s. A light breeze will be little problem for most today and the risk for a quick passing shower is low. 
A low pressure system to our west arrives tonight and brings developing showers overnight. These showers will continue on and off for the next few days becoming more intense at times as this system sits off to our east and continues to throw moisture in our direction for the rest of the work week with raw conditions. 
Improvements look to arrive for the weekend.


This is what it looked like at the summit of McCauley Mountain in Old Forge, yesterday morning. Although there were a few snowflakes in the air here in Waterville, they disappeared very quickly and "Autumn" proceeded at its usual pace.

There are still some beautiful splashes of color - this scene is from Lumbard Road near the Clinton Rod & Gun Club ......

.............. and here's the view from the top of the Sally Road Hill.

The leaves of Quaking Aspen are golden, now.
The characteristic flutter of aspen leaves is the result of stems that are flat in cross-section rather than round. This adaptation gives them strength in the vertical direction while allowing them to twist flexibly in the wind. 

Berries on Bittersweet vines have opened .......

................ and Winged Euonymus shrubs, sometimes called "Burning Bush, are aflame.

 New decorations have appeared at Bonnie Bechy's home on Babbott Avenue ......

................. and Joan Albert's home on East Bacon Street.



In case you missed the Saturday blog post,

"Soldier Surprises Daughter during Waterville High School Football Game."
from WKTV.



Village Board Meeting Monday at 7:00


Green Waste Collection on Tuesday.


WCS Sports

The WCS Girls' Soccer Team plays Little Falls at Home on the 22nd. (Tentative: 6:00 p.m.)


Modified Volleyball Begins on Monday.



- Monday -

High School Homeschool ART at 1:00


- Tuesday -

Movie at 4:00


Craft2gether at 7:00 p.m.

Do you knit, crochet, bead, sew, stitch or do any other kind of handcraft? 
If you're crafty, this is the group for you. 
Chat, snack and meet your neighbors while you work on your craft, share your ideas and get another crafter's perception. 
Bring any project you're working on, or come just to be inspired. 

All levels of experience are welcome. 


-Wednesday -

Book Discussion Group at 12:00


Elementary and MS Homeschool Art at 1:00


Drop-in Craft "Spiders" 2:00 - 5:00.
All Ages can come to the library anytime during regular library hours to make a spider out of a paper cup.

(Speaking of Spiders: 
see some new photos by Jody Hildreth, below!)



Hallowe'en Festival on Friday the 24th
6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Kids of all ages can come to the library in their costumes for games, face painting, a costume contest and a magic show!
Magic Show begins at 7pm.


A special note to all of you from Amanda Briggs:

The Waterville Public Library buys many thousands of new books, movies, and CDs each year. We're proud to now offer you weekly email alerts showing you the newest books, DVDs, CDs, eMagazines, eBooks and audio books that we purchase each week. We hope you'll enjoy hearing about the many exciting bestsellers, movies, music, and recorded books almost the very moment they arrive at the library.

Whenever you spot something of interest, you'll be able to click instantly, reserve it, and check it out at your convenience. And of course, like everything else in the library, this service is free!

Wowbrary users give it rave reviews:
I love the new service ... This is an awesome site ...
It's a wonderful tool ... I think this is a great service ...
I like it a lot! ... Thanks for offering this service!

To get started and see what the emails look like, just visit You can quit the weekly emails any time you wish.

Our library is excited to offer this new service. We hope you will enjoy it and the library's many new books, movies and music.



Creekside Community Outreach Center
  Open Tues. 10-4  Fri. 10-6  Sat. 10-4

Sat. Oct.18 from 10-2pm. 
This will be held at the Oriskany Falls United Methodist Church. You may use the side door across from the Village Market. If you have coats to donate they can be brought in to the thrift store up until Friday. Saturday they can be taken directly to the church. Take advantage of this great opportunity to stay warm this winter!


The annual Rotary Halloween Party 
begins 6:30 PM on Thursday Oct 30th at MPS,
 following the pumpkin lighting.  
It is intended for children in pre-K through grade 5.  
There will be goodie bags, games, apples, cider and donuts, 
and music by Don Brown.  
Parents are welcome to watch and admire the costumes.  
The event ends at 8 PM. 


Speaking of Spiders!

Top to bottom: 
Marbled Orbweaver
Garden Orbweaver
Garden Orbweaver's underside
Jumping Spider

Thank you, Jody! The photographs are beautiful, but I'm just not sure about the subjects!


Hot Topic!

All of the improvements that have been going on along both East and West Main Street.
They have been made possible by the
New York State Homes & Community Renewal
New York Main Street Program.

The recipients of the grants:
 John Brouillette for  136 East Main, 110 East Main and 116-122 Main St, 
Robert Card; 126 East Main St. 
Dawn and Dean Eisenhut; 114 Main St. 
Tom Eisenhut; 103 East Main St. 
Tom Morgan; 108 West Main St. 
Fa Zhang; 134 East Main St.

William Strohmeyer, 111 E. Main Street,

received the downtown grants as well.  The first grant allowed him to do the initial re-construction of the Businessware Consulting building when he first moved in, and this latest one paid for the painting and east wall construction.



Receiving such grants has not been as simple as it sounds.

Property owners have been required to:

1. submit proposals that included detailed descriptions of proposed improvements, the costs involved AND two separate bids.

2. prove that they, themselves, were financially capable of covering 100% of the costs involved.

3. the proposed projects were then reviewed by the agency and SHPO (the New York State Historic Preservation Office) who set specific guidelines.

4.  Only after the completion of the projects,  all costs  paid by the owner and all guidelines met will the New York Main Street Program provide Grant Funds in reimbursements of up to 75% of the total costs.

My Thanks to Joanne Treen for phoning to tell me that the building shown in this picture and currently undergoing major refurbishments is the Main Street Liquor Store building, owned by Dawn and Dean Eisenhut.  Work continues, too, on the front of the building around the doorway.



The sides of the new Sangerfield Township Salt Barn appear to be complete.

A third residential building has been added to Mike Tower's development next to Madison Street.




When writing about the "Home for Homeless Ladies," last week, I gave the erroneous impression the the residents' occupancy was free, made possible by the Tower trust  -  it was not!

The ladies, although without safe, comfortable homes in which to live, were far from penniless. Over the years entrance fees and monthly charges varied, but in general they were no less than and probably comparable to those that might be charged in what we call "upscale" Assisted Living establishments today.  


The old "Broomcloset Photos" of the Great Nine Mile Swamp Exploration were enjoyed by so many blog readers that I've been digging out more prints dating back to the early 1970s.

Coming next week - pictures taken at a Rotary Club Halloween Party in the gymnasium of the Stafford Avenue School


 Have a good day everyone!