Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's Recyclables Collection Day
41 degrees and wet at 5:30 a.m.

The TWCNY Weather Forecast:
"Cooler with a Few Showers, Cooler 7 Day Forecast Ahead

 A few more rain and snow showers stay in the forecast today but throughout the day, a lot of that shower activity will taper with some sun developing. Highs are only expected to range from 45 to 50 degrees and the breeze will definitely add an extra chill to the air.

High pressure looks to regain control by Thursday which will provide drier weather and more in the way of sun. In addition, a warming trend will take place toward the end of the week with temperatures climbing into the low 50s Thursday and into the low/mid 60s on Friday.

Our next system should start to impact us Friday with another cool down in store for the weekend."


With sorrow 

of Deansboro


Yesterday was a dark, gloomy, rainy day,
not conducive to picture-taking, but there is a new announcement on the Park bulletin board. 


'Way out on Bailey Lake Road I saw some foragers gathering Cowslip Greens for supper.....

.............  and here and there in the woods there were signs of digging - for Wild Leeks, I presume!

If you want to know what to do with these
Spring delicacies, click here:

New England Creamed Cowslip Greens (just leaves, not flowers!)


Down on Loomis Road, where there was a washout on the railway line during last summer's rains .........

............. there's a new heap of stone, nearby.
Does that mean that repairs will be happening soon?


to the Town of Sangerfield DPW

for filling in the "Car Catcher" at the corner of Madison Street and Route 20!



WCS Sports


At the Library

Book Discussion Group at noon.

"All are welcome to bring their lunch and enjoy conversation, dessert, and hot beverage on the 4th Wednesday of each month for Book Club. This month's book is 'The Woman in White.'


Walkers' Group at 6:00

"Join us for a high comradery, low pressure group who just want to get out and walk. We'll meet each Wednesday, explore some walking routes in town together [at our own paces], and maybe organize some trips for trail walking, even ADK hikes...
Eventually- we'll base this group around your wants and needs. 

Found on the Library's Facebook page:

"Can't make our Walking Group (Wednesdays @ 6pm), or looking to get out more (or more adventurously), check these and others out:


You can also follow WCS '95 grad Thad Merriman's trek on the Appalachian Trail, here:


Have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Today is Earth Day

It's 55 degrees and overcast at 6:30

The TWCNY Weather Forecast:

"Showers/Storm Develop, Cooler Mid Week

Today we'll see showers and few storms develop as a cold front works through which will be accompanied by breezy conditions and highs in the 50s/60s. The more organized shower activity associated with the front will taper from west to east late in the day and temperatures for many are expected to fall through the afternoon.

Lingering moisture will keep a few rain/wet snow showers in the forecast on Wednesday and it will be cooler with highs only in the upper 40s/near 50 degrees.

 Dry weather returns by Thursday and temperatures should warm toward the end of the week with highs in the middle and upper 60s Friday."


During vacation wonderful things happened!

Of course there was that one depressing morning when we all awoke to find that it had snowed, but other than that .......

Spring is definitely here!

Daffodils and crocuses are all in bloom .....

........  as are little Hepaticas in the woods .....

... and the soil has been tilled in many fields.


In the Village ......

...  picnic benches are in the Park .....

............  the Summertime sidewalk display at Morgan's is complete ....

............... and "Roc's" opened yesterday!


Last Saturday the Easter Bunny joined members of the Waterville Rotary Club at the annual East Egg Hunt for Children at Harding Nursing Home .....

......  and then visited the Library .....

.......... to pose for pictures ......

.....  with more children of all ages. 


Work progresses at the former Food King / new CVS building.  Drains being installed in the parking lot will prevent rain water from running directly downhill into the newly relocated front door.



Page 1 Headlines from the April 16 issue of

"Village Approves Budget"
"National Honor Society"
"BCS Rate Will Exceed Cap Limit "
"Village (O' Falls) Adopts Budget"

To read more, please click HERE.


Recent Articles from the Utica Observer-Dispatch:



Waterville and N. Brookfield
 Minor League & Tee Ball Registration

Wednesday, April 23rd
5:30pm – 7:30pm at Roc’s Dari Isle

 4-12 year old boys & girls
(must be required age on 4/30/14)
Please bring copy of birth certificate
 & $25.00 registration fee.

A free kids cone, compliments of Roc, 
will be given to all registering players!!

                          For more information call/text:
Jody Barnes @ 725-5639


Next Saturday:  Help Clean up Waterville
at the 6th Annual
Rotary Club Clean Up!

Saturday, April 26th, 
Meet at the Municipal Hall at 9:00 a.m.
Please bring Work Gloves.

Trash Bags and Safety Vests will be provided.




WCS Sports

WCS School Board Meeting 6:30


At the Library

Celebrate Earth Day with us!
Movie at 6:00 p.m.



THURSDAY, April 24th........Market from 2 pm to 6 pm plus..... present this week:
   Special feature this week will include accoustic entertainment by Melissa Grace Clark from Hamilton, an accomplished local musician.
 ➸ Buy Fresh-local-good- Sugar Top Farm Maple Syrup, Waterville, NY...... Syrup fresh from the evaporator the old fashion way....., Taste test at the Market!!!!! Good price at $10.00 per pint!
 ➸ Got Bibb? Again this week.... Fresh, Boston Lettuce (bibb) grown by Z's Nutty Ridge Farm. The quality surpasses what we have seen in stores......and $2.00 per contaniner..... yum yum

 ➸ Market can accept benefits received through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and can use your debit card to get

Who is here this week:

Stoltzfus Family Dairy, Creative Shepherd Farm
Happy Pasture Farm, Promise Land Farm & BBQ
Quarry Brook Farms, Szarek Greenhouses/Szarek Farms LLC/Three Goat Farm CSA, Heirloom Meadows
Mean Dawg's Mustard, And others..........................



All of the joggers and runners that I've seen in the past week have been wearing brightly-colored running shoes except for  this gentleman - running on Gridley-Paige Road - who is (yes!) barefoot!
Curiosity overcame polite driving protocol one day and I stopped to say (rather foolishly) "You're running barefoot!"  He said (with huge grin) "Yes! it feels good!" I said something about being "just like a little kid" and he replied, "That's what I feel like!"


Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's Garbage Day.
30 degrees and clear at 6:30 a.m.

TWCNY's Weather Forecast:

"Windy & Warm Today, Tonight Showers Return.

Today will be a nice day and quite warm, the only problem it will be windy.  Expect a blend of sun and clouds.  HIghs will be in the low and mid 60s.

Showers return to the forecast heading into Thursday night as a cold front works through.  In the wake of this front, dry weather and slightly cooler temperatures build back in on Friday with highs in the upper 50s.

Warmer air builds in over the weekend with highs in the 60s. "



WCS Sports

(Click to enlarge.)



Stoltzfus Family Dairy, Creative Shepherd Farm
Happy Pasture Farm, Promise Land Farm & BBQ
Quarry Brook Farms, Szarek Greenhouses/Szarek Farms LLC/Three Goat Farm CSA, Heirloom Meadows
Mean Dawg's Mustard, And others..........................


Sugar Top Farm Maple Syrup, Waterville, NY

Syrup fresh from the evaporator the old fashion way.
 Taste test at the Market!!!!!

Got Bibb? 
Again this week.... Fresh, Boston Lettuce (bibb) grown by Z's Nutty Ridge Farm.

Starting April 10th, the Market can began to accept benefits received through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).


At the Library

"American Girl Club" at 6:00 Thursday

Ages 5-10 | Sign Up
Girls can bring a doll (it does not need to be an American Girl) 
and we’ll make a craft and listen to a short story. 
April: Flowers & Butterflies


On Friday

Movie Matinée at 1:00
"A Star is Born"


Family Movie at 6:30

"Bring your family and friends to the library to see the latest installment in the Tinkerbell movie series! Arrive 10 minutes early for popcorn."


"Peepapalooza" April 1 - 28

 All Ages

Get ready to create chapters of chicks! Books of bunnies! 
Get yourself a whole heap of Peeps marshmallows and create a depiction of a favorite scene or character from a book. 
Dioramas will be accepted and displayed in the library April 1-28; 
awards for all age levels. See library staff for more information.


For many more Movies and Special Events at
The Waterville Public Library,
please click  HERE.


Riding Around

On Putnam Street, at the Falks'.

The first of HUNDREDS of 
Crocuses / Crocii on the lawn of Stockwell Farm have just begun to bloom! Worth taking a rode down Frog Park Road!


Just one more thing .......

It took me a while, but I finally found the editorial "follow-up" to the 1857 Waterville Times article, "A Singular Discovery!"

(I really had expected more and suspect that you will be as disappointed as I, but, all-in-all, it really was a pretty good April Fool's Day joke!)

THE  SINGULAR DISCOVERY - – the article in last week’s Times, entitled “Singular Discovery,” was intended as a burlesque upon a romantic tradition which is been more or less current among our citizens for more than 30 years.
It is said that a Mr. Walker lost a crowbar while at work on the highway in the manner described in our article. Indeed the substantial accuracy of the incident seems to be well authenticated, and has been more or less the subject of conversation for many years.
The incident gave rise to the belief in the minds of many that there was a subterranean passage under the brook which was constructed in an age, and by persons now unknown. We believe, however that the matter has heretofore been so thoroughly investigated by the curious as to set the subject to rest. There is no probability that there is, or ever was a subterranean passage across the gulf.
If Mr. Walker lost his crowbar in the manner claimed, it is probable it disappeared in one of the numerous race-ways which have from time to time been built in "The Hollow."

And now .......

It's Spring Break!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's Recyclable Collection Day
37 degrees and gray at 7:30 a.m.

The TWCNY Weather Forecast:

"Chilly Today, Big Warmup Coming!

As an area of low pressure continues to pull away to the north and east, we'll be able to tap into drier conditions todaywith more in the way of sun. However, temperatures will be running a good 10 degrees below average with highs between 40 and 45.

Luckily, this chilly air mass isn't expected to stay in place for too long and temperatures should recover into the low 60s on Thursday under a partly sunny sky.

 Wet weather returns to the forecast heading into Thursday night as a cold front works through but showers look to pull away from us on Friday. In the wake of this front, temperatures will still end up at or above average with highs in the 50s/near 60 degrees right through the weekend."


1992 -2014



Front Page Headlines from

"The 2014 Baby of the Year"
"Fun in the Mud"
"Antiques On The Agenda"
"Scholarship Fund Seeks Donations"
"Find A Dress For Free"

To read more, please click HERE.



(In case you missed this yesterday afternoon.)
From Brenda Knoeller:

 "A pair of prescription sunglasses has been found on Main Street and they are brown with  pink hearts on the back of the bows.    The owner can stop by the Village office to pick them up."


From Linda Rauscher:

"The WCS Class of '69 will be holding their 45th class reunion this summer.  
The event will be held on Saturday, July 12 at 6 p.m. at the White Eagle Lodge in Hamilton.  We're having trouble finding mailing addresses for all who graduated that year.  If anyone out there can help us spread the word through family or friends, it would be appreciated.  Please contact Linda Sanderson Reilly-Rauscher at for details or with missing addresses."


Here & There

Blog readers who have spent the Winter in places where  there are always leaves on trees and the grass is always green may have a hard time appreciating the beauty that we , here in Waterville,  find in scenes like these, in which the colors are mostly muddy, grungy brown but look  wonderful to us because - there's almost no snow! 

Looking ESE toward Tassell Hill from Hanover....

....  and WSW, to the icicle-clad quarry north of Oriskany Falls and the hilltop windmills beyond Solsville.


Cleanup has continued, in the Village, and now it looks as if the street sweeper has been along West Bacon Street.

No small project: wintertime covers have been removed from all 96 hydrants.


New decorations:  the Easter Bunny at Joan Albert's ......

..........  and a pretty Spring pinwheel on this Madison Street doorway.

Waiting for ......

............ an "Opening Soon" sign at Roc's!

........... and wondering what the DEC "Trout Truck" was doing parked at Nice 'n Easy!




Sports Booster's Meeting at 6:00 p.m.
MPS Recital Concert at 6:30 p.m.


At the Library

"Walking Group" at 6:00 p.m.




"At the Waterville Indoors Farmers’ Market, we are working to increase the entire community’s access to fresh local foods. 

That is why we are pleased to announce that starting this Thursday, April 1Oth,  we can began to accept benefits received through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)."


Craft Show at the N. Brookfield Fire House
Saturday from 10:00 - 2:00


49th Annual Palm Sunday Ham Dinner
at the Deansboro Fire House.


The Marshall Parks and Recreations Department will sponsor an Easter Egg Hunt that will take place behind the Deansboro Town Hall at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday April 19. 

Kids will be divided up depending on age. 
The Easter Bunny will be there so we would encourage the kids to bring a basket along to collect filled eggs. 

There will be a special GOLDEN egg to look for also!

And then .......

The Bunny will make a hopping fast dash over to Waterville and the Annual Rotary Club Easter Egg Hunt at noon
on the grounds of Harding Nursing Home!




The Waterville United Methodist Church's


Sunday, May 4, noon - 'til sold out!



Special Opportunity Announced!


Here is your chance to own an authentic reproduction of 
A Squirrel Hunter's Powder Horn. 

The set includes a leather Pouch, made and antiqued by Mr. Gary Elsenbeck of Lee Center, and a custom pouch knife made by Brian Barker.  

Similar items are highly collectible and sell for hundreds of dollars.  This is not only a collector's item, it is a work of art.
Chances sell for $2 each or 3 for $5. They are available at the Waterville Historical Society on Main Street, open Wednesdays 10 to 4, or by calling 315 841 4018, or ask any Society member.  Drawing will be at the Society's annual meeting on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. 


Should the CDC be notified?

From what I can gather, more and more area residents are showing signs of seasonal Springtime maladies whose primary symptoms are a feverish eagerness to clean houses and grounds, to buy new sneakers and (in some cases) bright lycra outfits and add an hour or two of outdoor exercise to their daily routines, or to even abandon all regular routines and simply pack their suitcases and seek "treatment" by leaving cabin and community for a week or so!

My personal form of "self-medication" has been the acquisition of a new iPhone - and I love it!  (Just think - at MY rapidly advancing age I can even "text"!)

Although I used the iPhone to take the pictures for today's blog post I will not be throwing away my old Olympus Camadia because, although the phone shots are good, the process of getting iPhone photos through my computer and onto the blog is much more time-consuming.  Fun for other pictures, 'tho!


I'll post a small before-vacation wrap-up tomorrow.  
Is there anything that I've forgotten or that you want to add? Remember: I won't be back until the day that WCS classes resume - April 22.

Have a good day, everyone!