Friday, December 19, 2014

101 to 22 !

Waterville 101, Mount Markham 22

Waterville 24 29 27 21 — 101
Mt. Markham 6 8 5 3 — 22
Waterville (3-0, 6-0): Josh Murphy 3, Noah Barnes 13, Brandon English 7, Nick Salm 3, Jake English 18, Curtis Deetz 4, Zach Sawyer 29, JT Machold 6, Hunter Williams 8, Will Specht 10. Totals: 43-11-101.
Mount Markham: Colin Maine 3, Adam Westbrook 6, Tyler Parry 1, Brent Bond 2, Kyle Yager 1, Josh Nicolosi 3, Mike Podany 3, Devan Palmer 2, Dalton Currier 1.Totals: 5-11-22.
3-point goals:  Waterville 6 (Murphy, Barnes, Brandon English, Jake English, Sawyer 2). Mt. Markham 1 (Maine).


Brian Staring is taking some great shots, too!


If you have not yet experienced Waterville's own
"Wizards in Winter"
computer controlled musical light display 
at the Verdons' on Putnam Street ........

and for more information about enjoying it in person,
 click HERE!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Counting down ........

....   to  Christmas!

At 5:00 a.m. it's 31 degrees with just a touch of new snow
and ..

(Click HERE to update the clock!)



Here's the Weather Forecast from WKTV:

"Leftover snow showers from yesterday's weather system will continue to fly today.  Cloudy, with occasional light snow and highs in the low 30s.  Snowfall accumulation is expected to be less than one inch for most areas.  A bit of a breeze between 10-15mph will make it feel like 20s throughout most of the day.  Clouds and light snow showers linger tonight, with little additional accumulation.  Lows in the uper 20s.

Clouds with a few flurries on Friday with highs in the low 30s.  A pleasant weekend is expected, with dry conditions and some sunshine!  Partial clearing on Saturday, especially late in the day with highs in the mid 30s.  Partly sunny and dry Sunday.  Clouds increase Monday with highs approaching 40.

The next weather maker looks to bring rain and possibly some snow for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. "




on East Main Street.

Worth watching ........

...... even in the cold, the installation of new third-floor windows in the historic "Wheeler Block." Originally two separate buildings built in the early 1800s and housing two separate stores, they were combined and the third floor added sometime between 1870 and 1874. The building is currently owned by Mr. John Brouillette.



- Today at the Library -

At 6:00 p.m. Santa will be visiting the library! 
Come on over with your kids for the Holiday Story Hour! We'll make reindeer food, hear stories, enjoy hot cocoa & get a photo with Santa!
If you plan on attending please send us a quick message.





please scroll down to earlier posts. 



After urging the Parade of Lights Committee to consider decorating the Memorial Bandstand I learned from one committee member that they had the impression that it was a 
"no-no" and that they should keep "hands off!"

I'm completely stymied and can't imagine WHO or WHY anyone would have said that!

My husband would be sputtering and demanding to know 
"Why not?"
(Actually, he would have said, "Why the HE** not?")


With so many places to go, people to see and things to do,
blog posts are probably going to be
totally sporadic for the next week or two and appear only when events warrant.

In the meantime, this is for all of you .....

........   from me.

Merry Christmas!
PsBrown, blogger.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Is this what you're looking for?



Here are just a few of the photographs that Brian Staring has posted on his Facebook page.

(Thank you, Brian!)


in Sauquoit.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Monday a.m. Update


It's 35 degrees and cloudy at 4:00 Sunday afternoon.


Here is the TWCNY Weather Forecast:

"Clouds and Drizzle, Showers and Snow Showers in the way this Week

With lots of low level moisture still holding strong in the atmosphere, we continue to see plenty of clouds and drizzle and mist. With some areas below freezing, some slick spots are still expected this morning. As we work through the day we will be mostly cloudy and calm with highs in the mids 30s.
Our next sytem will arrive Tuesday with scattered showers and temperatures in the upper 30s to near 40. This mild air will drop to the low 30s and snow showers will return for our midweek forecast.
The rest of the week will be chilly with snow showers."



Waterville over Fabius-Pompey:   75 - 34


I don't know who took this picture, but it is one of those chosen for the Utica Observer-Dispatch's 2015 Calendar which will be included in the Christmas Day Edition!



From Barb McNamara, who was at Village Hall on Friday,  these pictures of members of the Christmas Committee.

The Santa's Helpers are: Debby Lemery, Janice Eisenhut and 
Bert White.


This letter from Andy Sabol, which is also being sent to 
The Waterville Times:

"On Removal of the Big Spruce Tree in the Park"

"Several years ago, a similar proposal was made to remove the big spruce tree in the park and replace it with a small one, all for the ability to hang lights on it for a few weeks at Christmastime. This peculiar idea was dismissed then, and should be dismissed once again.

Consider what is suggested. Cutting a 100 foot tall spruce, acknowledged to be in prime condition, and planting a 12 foot high replacement, just so that lights may be more easily hung on it for a few weeks? Is this really a serious proposal? For many years this magnificent tree has graced the park. It threatens no one, and only adds to the grace of the park.

Another satisfactory location can certainly be found without destroying a 100 foot living landmark. There is certainly enough space in the park itself. Trees are an asset to our community, and add so much beauty to the village. Removal of trees should not be done in a haphazard manner. Perhaps the Village should consider hiring a Forester to advise on any future removals or plantings now being discussed.

I am sure others feel as I do, that the removal of the big tree is an enormous mistake and cannot be allowed to happen.  If so, please make your feelings known to the Mayor and Village Board before it is too late."

Andrew R. Sabol


I've received four other Email remarks about this topic, all adamantly urging efforts to "Save the Tree." 

I've  written to the Parade of Lights Committee and - in a less forceful manner - urged them to reconsider their request because: 
#1. Although I cannot find the reference right now, I once read  a very brief remark in the archives of The Waterville Times stating that the tree had been planted by a particular group (a high school class?) in honor or memory of another particular group.  I had asked Jack Youngs if he knew anything of the tree's history and he simply said, "It's always been there!"  The "old-timers'" best guess is that it was planted soon after the end of the First World War.  
#2.  I just hate to see gigantic old trees cut down unless they are "sick," and this one doesn't seem to be. 
I also reminded the Committee that ten years ago, when the Memorial Bandstand was just a rough sketch on a piece of paper, everyone involved in its design kept saying, "It will be beautiful with lights on it at Christmastime." Sadly, the lights have never appeared.  Here is a picture that Jean Desany sent me of the Victorian Bandstand in Milford, New Hampshire - you can see what I mean! Why not do THAT, instead?

Marblehead, Massachusetts.

I'm sure that it would be costly, but also think that others would join me in contributing to a fund.


Other Winter Views - Here & There

Two of the little spruce trees in Monument Park - by Jan Kelley.

Up in Paris, on Saturday, by Missy Brouillette!
(Thank you both!)


Wreaths have been hung on the decorative ironwork at St. Bernard's Church .....

......................  and a Nativity scene is in place on the side lawn at the corner of Stafford Avenue and East Bacon Street.

Right around the corner, this is the front doorway of Amanda and Bryan Briggs' home.

In the Park, members of Sanger Lodge have worked hard to uncover all of the Christmas Trees that had been all but buried in heavy, wet snow, and now you can see that the number of trees that remain is much less than a week ago.




There will be no Village Board Meeting tonight.
There is only one Village Board Meeting scheduled for this month and that was on December 1st.



- Monday -

There are no special events at the Library today.

- Tuesday -

Holiday Movie at 6:00 p.m.

The Bannister family's new addition, Zeus, the yellow Labrador, appears to be less than the dependable guard dog the family needs. However, when two burglars set out to break into the Bannister's home while they're away for Christmas, Zeus seizes the chance to be a hero, proving every dog - even this one - has his day.

89 minutes. 


"Craft2gether" at 7:00


- Wednesday -

"Drop-in Craft" 2:30 - 4:00

Ages 5 & up
Kids can make a reindeer ornament and a reindeer craft to hang on the wall!

Stop in anytime between 2:30-4pm.


- Thursday - 

Holiday Story Hour with Santa at 6:00 p.m.  
 All Ages | Sign Up
Kids can come to the library to hear stories, have hot cocoa & cookies, make reindeer food and meet Santa!

- Friday -

Movie Matinée at 1:00



- Monday -
MPS Winter Concert - 6:30 p.m.

- Tuesday - 
Board of Education Meeting - 6:30 p.m.

- Wednesday - 
PTA Visit with Santa - 9:30 a.m.

High School Winter Concert & Art Show - 7:00 p.m.





Farmers Market 
will be here this Friday the 19th 
at the Barton Community Room at Waterville Village Hall.
 2pm to 6pm. 
 Come and see local venders showcase their wares. We have root vegetable, meats, yogurt, milk, herbs, cheeses, honey and several craft vendors and more.....



Saturday, December 13, 2014

Another WIN!

Girls' Varsity Basketball


Westmoreland 9 7 2 7 — 25
Waterville 14 19 19 24 — 76
Westmoreland (0-1, 0-3): Kia Barber 2, Marina DeAngelo 10, Morgan Barber 13. Totals: 10-1-25.
Waterville (1-0, 4-1 ): Shannon Strohmeyer 8, Kassidy Karram 4, Rylee Maxam 11, Hannah Gray 8, Abbey Treen 8, Nora Gray 2, Haylie Ferriter 5, Alexis Decker 18, Kaelee Cleary 4, Kristen Gallagher 2, Jenna Pugliese 6. Totals: 31-10-76.
3-point goals: Westmoreland 4 (Barber 2, DeAngelo 2 ); Waterville 4 (Decker 2, H. Gray, Maxam ).


 - but sadly,  another loss.


1925 - 2014


Friday, December 12, 2014

In the News

Photos by Brian Staring.


Folks You Know on WKTV!

(Be sure to watch the VIDEO!)