Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday p.m. for Thursday



It's Garbage Day.

The TWCNY Weather Forecast as of Wednesday afternoon:

"Turning Cooler & Less Humid Overnight, Comfortable Thursday.

The threat for a shower or thunderstorm continues this evening as a cold front works through. It will turn cooler and less humid behind this front overnight with temperatures settling into the mid and upper 50s.

High pressure will dominate our weather for the rest of the week with sunshine, cooler temperatures and much lower humidity. Highs will be in the 70s on Thursday and closer to 80 on Friday. Mainly dry weather is expected on Saturday with temperatures climbing into the lower 80s.  The threat for a few scattered showers and thunderstorms are back in the forecast on Sunday with temperatures remaining in the 80s."


1919 - 2014



The Waterville United Methodist Church
 on tower street
 will be hosting a vacation Bible school
 for children k to 6 from next week 
 Monday through Friday from 9 am to 11: 45 am. 

Call Lisa at 853 3056 to register your child/ children!!!


The Boonville
Get the schedule HERE!



Front Page Headlines from

"Waterville First Hears Ideas"
"Bridge To Be Fixed On Sally Road in Town of Marshall"
"Brookfield Storm Cleanup Continues"
"Tops In The State"
"Town Of Augusta"

To read more, please click HERE.



At The Library

"Family Craft: Make a Kite"
5pm – 7pm

Ages 4 & up (with their parents or guardian) | Sign Up.
This summer you can come to the library for family fun activities!
It's a great way to spend some quality time together. Stop in anytime between 5-7pm to participate. 


On Friday

"The Matinée Movie at 1:00"


Kids' Time at 3:30

Ages 5-10 | Sign Up
Make your own slime, glittery or not, or make ninja turtle ooze. 


Family Movie at 6:30



What to expect this week:

-Happy pastures (meat)
-Kids market (produce, flowers & baked goods)...
-Stoltzfus products (cheese, yogurt & milk)
-North Star Orchards (berries, apples, potatoes, tomatoes)
-Sugar Top Farm (local maple syrup)
-Ma Ma Rella’s Italian Marinara Sauce
-Candy Confections
-Promise Land Farms (meat & bbq)
-Heidelberg Bakery (Bread)


Red Raspberries ......

..... and Sweet Corn from Mosher's Farm!



Public Star Gazing

Sat, July 26, 8:30pm – 11:00pm

Waterville Public Library & Barton-Brown Observatory, White Street, Waterville, NY.

All stargazing events are free, are open to all ages, begin at dusk and are weather permitting. You do not need to be a library patron to attend these events.

Roadsides Remedies*

*I am not advocating the use of any of these plants - or any of those described in "Mrs. M. Grieves' Modern Herbal" -  as remedies but I think that it's interesting to know the history of plants and what they were used for before family physicians and CVS came on the scene.  

According to legend, "Joe Pye" was a Native American medicine man from Salem, Massachusetts who earned fame and fortune curing colonial settlers of typhus with his eponymous herb. Reference to the medicinal properties of  "Joe Pye's Weed" first occurred in 1818 in the "Manual of Botany, for the Northern and Middle States of America: 2nd edition." 

Cardinal Flower
Lobelia cardinalis

Native Americans had several medicinal uses for Cardinal Flower,  but now - in this part of New York State - it's treasured for the pleasure it gives the eye.  Although there is far less along Loomis Road than in other years, due no doubt to the recent "ditching" by the highway department, anyone paddling the Sangerfield River through Nine Mile Swamp is in for a treat. 


Enjoy the Weekend, everyone!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday afternoon for Monday


Monday is Garbage Day

The TWCNY Weather Forecast as of Sunday afternoon:

"Mild and Mainly Dry Tonight, Hot and Humid Weather Ahead.

Tonight will be mainly quiet with a spotty shower or two possible with lows in the low 60s, as a warm front and a little trough move in late.  On Monday, the warm front with a little trough/disturbance will slide through with a few scattered showers/storm, but there should be a good amount of dry time.  Highs to begin the week will make the low to mid 80s, with much higher humidity levels moving in.  In the wake of the warm front, the summery heat and humidity will be with us in full force, as highs will likely be in the low 90s Tuesday and Wednesday with just a spotty shower/storm or two Tuesday.  More numerous showers and storms will develop later Wednesday ahead and with a strong cold front, and any storms that do develop midweek could turn nasty. "



- from the Observer-Dispatch.



- from Jeff Reynolds on behalf of the Waterville Rotary Club.

"The Pride of Workmanship award has been presented annually by Rotary for about 20 years. It recognizes employees who demonstrate a keen sense of responsibility to 'do the job right' the first time-- a commitment to excellence that has a positive influence on their organization and community."

Waterville Rotary Club VP and WPL Library Director Jeff Reynolds with Assistant Directors and co-award recipients Amanda Briggs and Jill Getman, and Club Secretary Larry Hitchcock, Thursday, 17 Jul 2014.   

Amanda's family,-- grandmother Phyllis Wolf, mother, Laurie Reeder, husband Brian and children, Ella, Lincoln and Liam, along with Jill's parents, Bill and Sue Getman, joined in the celebration at a special dinner on Thursday, 17 July 2014 at Michael's Restaurant.

(Photo by Doug Plourde)


 - from Cindy Gallagher.

"Kristen Gallagher and her court have been busy this month promoting dairy:    They had a float in the Utica Fourth of July Parade.  July 5th Kristen handed out awards at the CNY Holstein Show.  July 13th, she handed out awards at Madison County Fair's Beef Show.  Then Friday night, July 18th, they helped the Herkimer Princess, Vicotria Treadwell,  celebrate Dairy Night at the Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs Baseball Game in Little Falls.   Next week they will have a booth and activities at Boonville Fair.  Stop and see them under the grandstand.  Children can participate in a coloring contest.  Every one who enters will get a free Chobani Kids Yogurt and the winners chosen at the end of the week will receive a free T-Shirt!"

   "Float left to right--- Abigail Wratten, Gwen & Bethany Williams, Ella Larry, Kristen Gallagher, Caitlin Hilts, Kathleen Gallagher, Megan, Lydia and Stephanie Williams and Bob Imoberstog, New Hartford who provided the tractor and wagon."


Sunday Ride

On West Bacon Street, the former "blue house" will now be 
"the gray house," and it looks very nice.

Planning ahead.

Remembering that barely two weeks ago corn was a little over "knee high," now it's shoulder high, if not more.

Hop Vines at the Mosher Farm on Route 46, a bit south of Route 20, are way up to the top wires - and way ahead of many local vines.

Fields of Potatoes are in full bloom ......

..................... and it occurred to me that I could make quite a pretty bouquet if I mixed a few stems of those .................

............  with some delicate Buckwheat blossoms ..............

........  and a good splash of yellow from Tomato plants ......

..............  and  Squash Vine ......

............... with a couple of showy Onion blossoms........

but I didn't!




MONDAY - Kids' Movie at 11:00


"PITCH CLUB" - 2:15


Teen Craft: "Funfetti Candles" - 6:00  P.M.

Ages 10 & up | Sign up at the library
"Everyone loves funfetti! So make a candle to enjoy the looks and smell of it all the time." 



Kids' Movie at 11:00


Canvas Art - 1:00  and  3:30

Ages 6 & up | Sign Up
Kids can make a canvas art project that will be perfect for their bedroom walls!




I don't think that I'm addicted to Facebook, but quite often I do find bits of wisdom (?) that apply to me.

Like this ....... 

  .......  Or that I find really clever and amusing.

Nearly every announcement that is sent to me for publication on the blog has some sort of typographical / spelling or grammatical error.

I have all I can do to proofread my own writing - please don't expect me to take care of yours, too.


Because I know that I overuse the exclamation point key way too often, I'm going to take the following advice to heart!

(Oooops:  "heart - period"


It's really, truly Summer - enjoy it all!

(Well - one "!" can't hurt.)

Friday, July 18, 2014

It's Friday!

Sunny and 52 degrees at 7:00 a.m.

The TWCNY Weather Forecast:

"Pleasant Today, Warming Up Through the Weekend.

High pressure will provide us with rather pleasant weather today across Central NY with sun, a few clouds and warmer temperatures. Highs will be in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. Expect cool, quiet and comfortable conditions tonight with just a few clouds. Lows will be in the 50s.

We'll keep things dry tomorrow and despite some high and mid-level clouds streaming in from the south, temperatures should manage to top out in the low 80s. The forecast calls for a partly sunny/mostly cloudy sky to round out the weekend with highs closer to the mid 80s. A very isolated shower/storm cannot be completely ruled out on Sunday but it will definitely be the exception rather than the rule.

Temperatures will continue to warm heading through the early part of next week as we eventually make it into the upper 80s."


First Things First


From Ione Barney,

............ this picture of her with BERIT NELSON, left, who was the Guest of Honor at at Retirement Party which took place last Sunday at "Celebrations on Tower."  From all accounts, and despite the fact that Berit "had not been crazy about the idea of a party," "the place was mobbed from start to finish!"

Berit had been the FNP in Dr. Francis Chabot's office for twenty-one years and had been both medical advisor and friend to hundreds of patients, many of whom gathered on Sunday to tell her "Thank You" and "Goodbye!"

Best Wishes, Berit!!

(Thank you, Oney!)



At The Library

"Once Upon a Time in Waterville"

The Old-timers' story swap" at 1:15


At the Market this week:


and of course the great produce and products ...from
-Happy pastures (meat)
-Kids market (produce, flowers & baked goods)...
-Stoltzfus products (cheese, yogurt & milk)
-North Star Orchards (berries, apples, potatoes, tomatoes)
-Sugar Top Farm (local maple syrup)
-Ma Ma Rella’s Italian Marinara Sauce
-Candy Confections
-Promise Land Farms (meat & bbq)
-Heidelberg Bakery (Bread)


"Glitter & Flower Bracelets" at 3:30pm
Ages 6-10 | Sign Up
Come to the library to make a glitter bracelet and a flower bracelet!
Sign up by calling 841-4651 or stop into the library.


Planning Ahead

'Kids' Movie on Monday at 11:00



On Saturday



"Saturday Night Stargazing"

The Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society (MVAS) will be hosting star gazing on Sat July 19th from dusk to Midnight at the New Hartford Sherrill Brook Park on the basket ball courts.


N.B.  There will also be a 
Public Star Gazing Event from 
8:30pm – 11:00pm 
on Saturday, July 26, 
at the Waterville Public Library & Barton-Brown Observatory on White Street. 

All stargazing events are free, are open to all ages, begin at dusk and are weather permitting. You do not need to be a library patron to attend 



from Matt Patterson - Waterville Football Coordinator

  2014 Season

The Time is Now To Register!!!
Waterville Pop Warner
Football & Cheerleading Registration
Wednesday; July 30th
(5:30 – 7pm)
Thursday; July 31st (meet & greet @6 pm)
(5:30 – 7 pm)
@ Waterville HS Football Field

Football & Cheerleading Registration Fees:
Flag Football & Cheer:    $60.00 per player
Tackle Levels (including Cheer) - $70.00 per player

*ALL YOUTH AGES 5 years to 13 years of age are welcome to participate*
(Per National Pop Warner & Tri Valley Guidelines)


Out & Around

All of our Summer Wildflowers seem to be blooming at the same time .....

.....  including "Bouncing Bet" (or "Soapwort") which was brought to this country by early settlers who used it to make "suds" for washing and, also, to put a "head" on beer!

 Another "alien" species is Purple Loosestrife, admired for its color but disdained for it's overly aggressive behavior in taking over wet areas,  driving out other plants, and using more than its share of water.


Along with traditional Fireworks, many in this area were treated to a brilliant Double Rainbow in the evening on the Fourth of July.

My thanks to Donna Wicks for the use of this photograph which shows something that I had never noticed, before --- but which many more-observant people than I had apparently spent years studying --- the colors in the  fainter, secondary rainbow are always inverted or reversed.
You can read more about that phenomenon, HERE.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Late Sunday for Monday

It's Garbage Day

The TWCNY Weather Forecast:

"An Unsettled Start to the Work Week
The overnight will be warm and muggy with nothing more and a spotty shower or storm. Lows will be in the 60s. A nearby disturbance will keep in the risk for a shower or storm on Monday. Otherwise, we can expect humid conditions and intervals of sun and clouds with highs ranging from 80 to 85 degrees.
Our attention turns to a cold front on Tuesday which will provide Central NY with more numerous showers and storms. Temperatures on Tuesday look to top out in the upper 70s and then highs drop back into the low/mid 70s Wednesday and Thursday. Luckily, the forecast calls for the return of high pressure during the second half of the week with quieter weather."




Click to enlarge.

There may be some names missing. For instance, I found SHARON STILES' name in "Wterville."

To search for individual names or community lists, please click HERE.


From the Utica Observer-Dispatch

You'll find many more photographs of the Fair on the Town of Brookfield Historical Society's Facebook page!





"On 5-22-14 Rotarian Dave Wicks and MPS Principal Maureen Gray presented the Waterville Rotary MPS Young Person of the Year Award to Tabitha Harney, shown above, at Michaels Restaurant. Also in attendance were Tabitha’s Parents, Corinne and Scott as well as her siblings Alexis, Austin, Hannah and Korbin.

"Maureen stated; 'Tabitha, a sixth grader, is kind and compassionate and puts forth good effort with her school work.  She is well-liked by both her fellow students as well as the teachers at MPS.' "

Courtesy Scott Freeman.



The Waterville Class of 1964 will be celebrating their 50th year!  It will be held July 26th at 4pm in Waterville.   Cost is $30 per person and RSVP if you have not already done so, to Lurena McNamara 841-4361 or, Donna Wicks 861-5761 or BettyAnn Zyla 853-3595 or


From Sue Fryc:

"I just wanted to tell how wonderful the concert was last night in the park but it was so poorly attended and the weather was just amazing also. The only way I knew about it was thru your  mention of it a couple times in the 'huddle'. People were telling me that it wasn't even advertised in the 'Times.... but the good news is they are coming back again in August (7th)...hopefully we can get the word out by then.!"


At the Library


Kids' Matinée at 11:00



Pitch Club at 2:15


Teen Craft: DIY Headbands at 6:00

Ages 10 & up | Sign up at the library
Make your own incredibly unique headbands from old t-shirt, clothes and scrap fabric.


Evening Movie at 6:00



Drop In Craft: Flower Streamers

All ages can stop by the library anytime today to make a flower streamer!


Kids' Move Matinée at 11:00

Coming back on Friday:

"Once Upon a Time in Waterville"
The Old Timers' Story Swap at 1:00

and the


plus a new display by

"Nymphe Moon"



Along country roadsides..

Musk Mallow

Wild Parsnip

Black-eyed Susans

Looking completely natural, but Oh, so cleverly planted in the Buell Avenue gardens of John and Cheryll Lincoln-Lovely.

A change of color on Sanger Avenue!


Have a great week!
I'll be back on Thursday or Friday.