Saturday, November 22, 2014

In Memoriam


1933 - 2014


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thursday morning update

It's 26.8 degrees at 6:30 a.m.
No snow overnight.

"We dodged the bullet!"

I don't think that anyone, anywhere, has missed news stories about the super lake-effect snow storm that struck Buffalo and areas east of Lake Ontario in the last 48 hours. As much as SIX FEET of snow has fallen. The city of Pembroke, about 20 miles ENE of Buffalo, received 76 inches in 24 hours, and there's more on the way.

Here are just a couple of the many pictures posted on the WeatherChannel's website.

But here in Waterville, the sun has been shining, the temperature rose to a bit above freezing and the ground is bare except for little bits of snow lingering in shady spots. The closest we came to seeing "white stuff" was this dense layer of fog that filled the Oriskany Valley between Grant Hill and the top ridge of West Hill, on Monday.


Looking Ahead, The Thursday a.m. Weather Forecast from TWCNY:

"Lake Snow Continues, Cold and Windy for ALL.
We are still tracking heavy lake snow off of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and areas impacted with heavy snow earlier this week are going to be dealing with more. Northeast of Lake Ontario there will be a band of snow bringing a localized 1 to 2 feet from today into tomorrow morning. areas within the band outside of the highest amounts can expect near a half a foot. Across the rest of the state a few flurries at best otherwise just cold and windy, same as the past few days.
The winds shift and the snow showers shift more southeast of the lake and we could see a few inches tomorrow morning or snow with continued cold and blustery conditions.
Ready for a change up, warm temps return for the weekend and highs will climb into the 50s. "



Front Page Headlines from

"Another Prized Evening"
"Assessor’s Office Outlined"
"Brookfield Discusses Straw Poll Results"
"Pop Warner Teams Make It To Regionals "
"A Whoville Christmas"
"Village Of Oriskany Falls News"

To read more, please click HERE.



From Gil Condon, upon seeing the photograph of the
Partis Meat Market Christmas Display in the Monday blog post:

"I don't remember ( Dementia setting in) the market, but do remember that Ms. O'Toole (not sure of her name) had a shop where Ed Carter Jewelry moved in ... her and her Bro lived up on Babbott and walked the trip several times a day. The IOOF had the corner bldg.,,which might have burned down. One butcher has a sharpening rod hanging from his waist .. I still have one too... "

Thanks for your note, Gil.  Every little bit of History helps!





- Thursday - 

"Superhero Club" at 6:00 p.m.
Ages 5-10 | Sign Up
Kids can dress up as a superhero and join us each month for a superhero activity.
November: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


- Friday - 

Movie Matinée at 1:00


-Saturday -

Family Movie at 6:00

Enjoy a free movie on the big screen with your friends and family!
Come 10 minutes early for good seats and popcorn.



Thursday, November 22 
Village of Waterville Planning Board
7:00 P.M.
"to receive public comment on the proposed planned development project at 381 Putnam Street, Waterville. The meeting will take place at the Village Municipal Hall, 122 Barton Ave. Waterville."


In Deansboro

Thursday, November 22 at 7:30 p.m.

Historian Dick Williams
"The War of 1812"


- Friday -


Works in Gouache (opaque watercolor) by Pamela Brown.
Artist's Reception Saturday, November 22, from 11 - 2.




Every time that I sit down to write a grocery list I automatically picture the items, knowing exactly where to find them --- in Garrett's Foodking!

How I miss going there and seeing so many familiar faces smiling at me!

Charlie Gaiser, Rick Garrett and Dottie Ruane
taken (I think) the day that Charlie retired.



Have a good weekend, everyone!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Early Monday Update


It's Garbage Day
33 degrees and very light snow at 5:30 a.m.

The TWCNY  Weather Forecast:

"Chilly and Wet, Bitter Cold with Lake Snow.
We are watching a system bringing us mainly rain for today. There are some elevation snow/rain showers and a winrty mix which could lead to a few slick spots and sloppy roads, but all should be pretty manageable for the most part. Highs only in the 30s to near 40 which is below average for this time of year.
Starting tonight a strong push of cold air arrives and this will bring in highs only in the 20s and it will fire up the lakes. Areas east of Lake Erie and lake Ontario will get snow coming in over a couple of feet by mid week. The rest of us just a few snow showers and flurries.
Cold air continues to finish the week with hopes of a warm up into the weekend and next week."


- In Memoriam - 

Patrick J. Doyle

1949 - 2014



"Eight Area High School Students Receive Good Citizen Awards."
- from WKTV.


Here & There

A new sign appeared in the doorway of the space right next to the Good Times Bar on West Main Street.

How clever of the Zwahlens, in Sangerfield, to have chosen a house paint that could well be called "Ginkgo Leaf Gold"!

Colors elsewhere are drab. 
This is the sunflower field in Stockwell that was so bright and cheerful when Sharon Stiles took its picture in September.

Dry stalks of Phragmites looked a little bit like Q-tips, yesterday morning.

Having a little bit of snow makes it easier to see the "steps" in Dave Sullivan's newest stone wall at the top of Grant Hill.

There was a loud gaggle of Canada Geese on the pond next to Madison Street, on Sunday afternoon....

......... but a thin skin of ice was forming on the pond at the foot of Grant Hill, serving to herd the Mallard Ducks into one small corner.




- Monday - 
Musical Auditions

- Tuesday -
Musical Auditions continue

Parent/Teacher Conference Half Day Grades K-8 Only
Board of Education Meeting at 6:30 p.m.

- Wednesday -
Musical Auditions continue
Sr. Citizen's Breakfast
MPS Cafeteria - 9:00 a.m.
Parent/Teacher Conference Half Day Grades K-8 Only




- Monday - 

There are no special events today.

- Tuesday - 

Movie at 6:00


"Craft2gether" at 7:00


-Wednesday -

"Kids' Movie" at 1:00


Craft: "Glove Monsters" at 3:30
Ages 6-12 | Sign Up
Bring in one or two stretchy gloves and we’ll turn them into monsters.



Thursday, November 22 
Village of Waterville Planning Board
7:00 P.M.

to receive public comment on the proposed planned development project at 381 Putnam Street, Waterville. The meeting will take place at the Village Municipal Hall, 122 Barton Ave. Waterville.

Thursday, November 22 at 7:30 p.m.

Historian Dick Williams
"The Civil War"



Waterville Historical Society
Parade of Lights


The Watervile Historical Society has lined up an evening of entertainment following the annual Parade of Lights on Friday, Nov. 28th. 

The Waterville Historical Society  Choraleers will be singing Christmas carols on the front steps of the Historical Society at 220 East Main Street.
Visitors are invited to drop in to Barton Hall, either before or after your visit to Santa at the Firehouse next door, to enjoy hot mulled cider, warm pretzels, hot pop corn, and cookies.  Pull up a chair and join a sing along with the Choraleers for some musical entertainment.  See the exhibit of photos of old Waterville, leaf through our alblum with the collection of vintage postcards of Waterville, and view the continuing exhibit of the Civil War in the year 1864. Get some early Holiday shopping done at the Society store.  There is a wide variety of items for sale, something for every age.  

Be sure to ask for your free Waterville Historical society pencil to take home as a souvenir of your visit here.  See you after the parade! 

From the WHS Archives
"Partis Meat Market Christmas Display"

(Blogger's note:  According to the late Edward Partis of Rochester, Herbert Partis came to Waterville from England in 1906 and opened his meat market in the basement of the building at 101 Main Street. I believe that that must be where the Chinese Restaurant is, now, on the corner of Main Street and Buell Avenue. Long-time residents will remember that long before the parking lot was filled in by the present owner of the "Buell Block," Tom Eisenhut, there was a ground-level entrance to that lower floor and while the first floor was Ed Carter's Jewelry Store the space below was frequently used for bazaars and "White Elephant Sales" by the Eastern Star.)



The same day that my “Letter to the Editor” regarding the Village Board’s purchase of a two color electronic display board for the Park appeared in the Waterville Times and on this blog I began to receive telephone calls and Email messages not only echoing my opinions but also raising concerns about the Village Board’s actions on other items/topics.
The two complaints common to all responses were:
1. The manner in which the Mayor and/or the four Trustees make decisions.
First, I hope that it is generally understood that THAT is why we elect and pay them - to make decisions.
I have searched the internet but have not found any definitive list of rules to be followed by Elected Officials of Small Municipalities in the State of New York, but I think that does not mean that they are expected to make things up as they go along.
Most of the decisions that they are required to make have to do with money –primarily, grants/reimbursements from outside sources or the taxes paid by Village residents and property-owners.
It is all too easy for tax-payers to forget that those monies do NOT belong to the elected officials themselves. Of course the Village electorate expects that all decisions made will be made in the best interest of the entire Village of Waterville, and not just for its temporary betterment for a week or a year or two, but for the long-term, even unforseeable future.
Such decisions are not always easily made and often require individual research using extensive material gained from the Village Clerk/Treasurer’s Office.  He/she is responsible for providing that information, if possible, but does not have a vote and is not responsible for telling the elected officials what their votes should be.

2.  Lack of information made available to the public before decisions have been made.
The best way to find out, of course, is to attend regularly scheduled meetings of the Village Board. The dates are shown on the calendars that accompany Water/Utility Bills and on the Village Website Calendar.

The next Village Board Meeting will take place 
Monday evening at 7:00.

Another meeting of importance will take place on Thursday, November 20th at 7:00 when the Planning Board (David O’Brien, Chairman) will hold a Public Hearing "to receive public comment on the proposed planned development project at 381 Putnam Street, Waterville."
This has been a very contentious topic causing considerable public debate about “apartment buildings” vs. “green space.” Opinions have been formed by many individuals’ ideas of ”what is best for the public good.”  The land is currently zoned “Industrial Use.”  That, at least, needs to be changed – either to "Residential,"  “Planned Residential” or “Always Green.”
Members of both camps know that the property in question does not belong to the members of the Planning Board or the Mayor and Village Trustees, but to the taxpayers who have something in the vicinity of $200,000.00 invested in the land there!
This will be one of the most weighty decisions that the Planning Board and then the Mayor and Trustees will have to make.  Either way, the results will last a long, long time. 



Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Heaven has another Special Angel."


I found this sad note from Cindy Doyle Supinsky in my mailbox late last evening:

"Heaven has another special Angel as of  a little after 1:00 am this morning.   (11/14/14) 


He was a member of the WCS Class of 1967


I will post a link to Pat's obituary as soon as it is available.

Friday, November 14, 2014

FYI - Early Friday

6:30 a.m.



"Prize Speaking" 
results, from Mr. Vincent Elacqua

"On Thursday November 13, 2014, Waterville Central School held the school’s 141st High School Prize Speaking contest. 
This continues what may well be the oldest prize speaking contest in the country. 
Ten students competed in three different categories. 
The categories were Drama and Literature, Comedy, and Poetry."

The results were as follows -

In the category of Drama and Literature:
4th place -  Katelynn Williamson             excerpt from The Lord of the Rings (Walsh,etal)
3rd place - Cassandra Martin                         adaptation from Les Miserables (Hugo).
2nd place - Emily Belouin                         excerpt from Antony and Cleopatra(Shakespeare)
1st place  - Mary Lourdes Erlichman adaptation of “Tell Tale Heart” (Poe)

 In the Humorous category:
3rd prize - Andre Tilbe                         “Chocolate Cake,”  (Cosby)
2nd place - Anna Rae Martin                         Monologues of Jerry Seinfeld.
1st place -  Kaelee Cleary,                         Bill Cosby 1964 stand-up comedy routine.

In the category of poetry:
3rd prize -  Jennifer Still                         “Annabel Lee” (Poe)
2nd place - Morganne Bramer,             “Almosts” (Phipps)
1st place  - Rylee Maxam,                         “Scars/ To the [Girl]friend” (Francisco)

"Eddie Brennan performed musical selections with voice and piano during intermission and judging, providing additional entertainment. 
The Waterville Student Council provided refreshments during the intermission.

The Rotary Club has been the proud sponsor of this event for half a century, providing prizes and encouragement for student performers. Many congratulations to all of the students who memorized and performed the monologues on stage."

Congratulations to ALL of the participants
and Thank You to Mr. Elacqua.


- In Memoriam -

1949 - 2014


I know that many of you were startled and saddened to learn of the passing of our friend, Gary Tuttle.
In a nice note from his son, Kevin, was the following epithet which he wrote in the early hours of November 11 in honor of his dad:

"Last night at 5 min to Midnight my father, Gary Tuttle, lost his brief battle with pancreatic cancer and in humble hopes of doing justice to the selflessly enjoyable life he aspired to lead; I wanted to share a small epitaph in his memory.

Dad did not wish for a wake or even a funeral. His simple desire was to be cremated and ‘Go quietly into the night.’ Even though his song may have ended, his melody lingers on through a myriad of friends and family scattered not only throughout Waterville, but the nation.

He was born in Utica, NY in 1935 and spent the majority of his life striving to quell life’s continual draw toward the ultimate stagnation. He always seemed to find a way quash any fathom of boredom before it took root. As such he was persistently filled with wonder, excitement, rewards, and most importantly, daily challenges; largely derived from the continual torment of his children. Humor, wit and amusement seemed to be the yardstick by which he measured all things.

A good cigar, a cup of coffee or ‘bellying up’ to the bar for a beer amongst friends, was enough to make the days worth living. He valued family and friends above all else and never spent an overly overt amount of time concerned with money, politics, religion or what other people thought of him. Gary was a man guided solely by happiness, whether his or those who surrounded him.

He was a veteran of the Korean War, an avid trap shooter, and a ham radio operator. Additionally, if he wasn’t fiddling with projects liken RC airplanes, model trains, or rocket launchers with this grandson; he was deep into a correspondence course of how to… name the topic. As an avid reader, he spent any remaining time – aside family, friends, hobbies and projects – sitting back enjoying a good book.

Throughout any man’s life they are measured by numerous metrics; right, wrong or indifferent. Gary never aspired to be an Einstein nor a Rockefeller; he simply measured himself by who was standing next to him. That was his code. He lived his life in respect of others and stood next to those who befriended him.

His life, along with the wisdom which traveled alongside, is to be celebrated, remembered and carried on. For those fortunate to know him well, we all are, in some small way, a better person because of it. May the melody of his song live on!

Missed but not forgotten."

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Special Saturday Event Announcement!


The Jr. Pee-Wees won Sunday 26-6 beating out Dolgeville 
and will move on to Regionals on November 15th.

Good Luck Jr. Pee Wees!